Sex workers rescued in India find hidden cells in public homes

Sex workers rescued in India

Sex workers rescued in India find hidden cells in public homes. A staircase on a colored wall leads to a dark hallway on the second floor of an Indian inn filled with rows of locked doors. Inside, there are small cabins hidden in clothing, blankets, cosmetics and condoms.

The almost lit hallway meandered through many other damp corridors and reached the door. Furthermore which was opened to expose other secret spaces that customers or outsiders rarely encountered.

“They should be fooling and hiding,” said a quiet sex worker.

“You can get lost and just disappear.”

Young girls, victims of human trafficking, “robbed into prostitution” behind a maze of secret passageways. Also cells in rotting public houses. This is in New Delhi and other major cities – and protected by law – said activists .

According to the campaign, 16 million women and girls were victims of trafficking, according to the campaign, according to around 20 million prostitutes in India.

sex workers

Every year, thousands of children, mostly from poor families, are lured or abducted by traffickers and sold to pimps and public institutions to force them to become sexual slaves.

“These robbers protect minors and are also an escape route for them in the event of an attack,” said Swati Jai Hind. He is the director of the Delhi Women’s Commission, who saved 57 girls this year.

“We got special advice that children were brought here, but when we came to the rescue, sometimes we didn’t find girls – they disappeared.”

Young girls rescued from being sex workers

The government has taken a number of steps to combat human trafficking, from tightening laws to promoting a welfare system.

But reports of young girls selling sex in the labyrinth are on the rise, campaign participants said.

“There are more and more cases where women describe life in these dark and dirty places,” said Rishi Kant of the Shakti Vahini charity.

“We are part of a bailout where a seemingly simple cabinet leads to a hidden passage where girls are found and immediate action is needed.”

When police Prebir Kumar Ball filed a complaint against missing people in East India in East-West Bengal this year, he considered this a routine case.

The search for a teenager takes him to public houses in New Delhi and Agra, a popular tourist destination about 200 km south of the capital and the home of the Taj Mahal.

“There are bunkers in the public houses of Agra, as well as on the international border,” he said.

“We had to attack him to save the girl, and inside the bunker we found six hiding places. Also saving him like a war,” he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

According to Ball, traders brought girls from West Bengal to Delhi and then sold them to public houses in other cities.

The arrest of the couple from Delhi in November has dismantled one of the largest trade networks in the region. Also “provide  a rare idea of ​​how bunkers and tunnels are used. In addition to hide young girls during police raids,” he said.

Many young girls who are victims of human trafficking end up in crowded streets in New Delhi’s largest red district, GB Road.

Shame on pimps selling young girls for sex

An staircase to a hardware store on the ground floor leads to hundreds of multi-storey corridors. Swimmers act with clients, older women want and younger ones look quiet.

When exchanges are agreed upon, customers enter public houses. They lead to small rooms without windows and the doors are closed.

“Nothing in this place has changed since I was brought here 20 years ago,” said a sex worker on duty.

“It’s a dirty place when I come and I’m still, the maze of rooms, the way to do business. And the fate of the women(sex workers) trapped here freeze in time.”

More witnesses from survivors prove the plans for public buildings and the extent of their exploitation. Which has caused many authorities to demand their closure.

The West Bengal Child Welfare Committee ordered police in May to destroy “secret places” on GB Road Bonds. This is after hearing the testimony of a girl who was free from all this.

The Delhi Women’s Commission also wrote a letter to the police. And civil authorities urging them to identify and seal the cages and aisles.

“No action was taken,” Hind said.

“Finally We are working on a database of people who own these public houses make sure they are not open.”

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